Face Masks

Protective Face Masks by Bossong feature multiple layers for expanded protection for you, your family, and your workplace. Our masks are comfortable for all day use and help prevent touching the face, moisture absorption and aerosol transfer, and are washable and reusable. These easy breathing masks provide maximum facial area coverage. Manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered facility, our masks are engineered to be dependable and sustainable solutions to your personal protective equipment needs.

Bossong Protective Barrier Face Mask
Black Facemask

Designed and manufactured in bulk for
Commercial, Industrial, and Workplace use.

Washable & Reusable

Reusable Masks Retain Hydrophobic Finish Up to 20 Washes!

Made in the USA

Standard Protection

Quantity Price/Mask Price/Pack
10 - 19 packs (250 - 475 masks)$3.00 each$75.00
20 - 39 packs (500 - 975 masks)$2.75 each$68.75
40+ packs (1000+ masks)$2.50 each$62.50

Ergonomic Protection

Quantity Price/Mask Price/Pack
10 - 19 packs (250 - 475 masks)$4.00 each$100.00
20 - 39 packs (500 - 975 masks)$3.75 each$93.75
40+ packs (1000+ masks)$3.50 each$87.50