Men's Socks


Men’s Support Socks for any Occasion

Style and comfort with all the benefits of graduated compression. Helps relieve tired, achy legs and reduces the risk of DVT especially during long periods of sitting or standing. Doctor recommended for long distance travel

Product Information

  • Perfect blend of style and comfort
  • All day support
Made in the USA
Style Description mmHg Sizes Colors
83139Men’s Mild Compression Support Dress Sock8-15M, L, XLBlack, Navy
83213Men’s Moderate Support Dress Sock15-20M, L, XLWhite, Black, Navy
83219Men’s Moderate Support Pin Dot Dress Sock15-20M, LBlack
83313Men’s Firm Support Dress Sock20-30M, L, XLWhite, Black, Navy
87215Men’s Coolmax® Athletic Sock, Moderate15-20M, L, XLWhite, Black
87315Men’s Coolmax® Athletic Sock, Firm20-30M, L, XLWhite, Black

Men's Sock Size Chart

  Medium Large X-Large
US Shoe Size7.5-1010.5-1212.5-14
UK Shoe Size7-9.510-11.512-13.5
European Shoe Size40-4444.5-4747.5-48.5
Ankle Cir.8.75"-10"
22.2-25.4 cm
25.4-29.2 cm
29.2-33 cm
Calf Cir.12"-16.5"
30.5-41.9 cm
31.8-45.7 cm
34.3-50.2 cm


  • Measure first thing in the morning when you get up for the most accurate measurements.
    • Calf: measure fullest part of calf.
    • Ankle: measure smallest part of ankle above ankle bone.
  • Record your measurements below for safe and easy keeping.